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Household Spray Disinfectant Generator

Household Spray Disinfectant Generator

Portable Household Disinfectant spray Generator| Multipurpose Household Detergent |Portable Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant Spray |Sanitizing Spray, Germ Killer for Home, Office, Car, School, Kitchen

  • Produce Detergent Disinfectant at home

    PORTABLE HOUSE DISINFECTANT, Our Sodium Hypochlorite spray generator Kills 99.9% Germs Viruses and Fungus. Use Tap Water and Salt, plug it to the power in 5 minutes and generate a Powerful cleansing Detergent Spray to use it at Kitchen, Bathrooms, Office, Toys, Car, School, Gym, Everywhere!

  • Economical , Germicidal Home Production

    SAVE MONEY, No more needs of shortage detergent at the Grocery stores, create your own. With this device, you can generate up to 50 Gallons of Powerful Household Sanitizing Spray.

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