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Alkaline Water Bottle Filter Cartridge Replacement

Alkaline Water Bottle Filter Cartridge Replacement

REPLACEMENT FILTER CARTRIDGE FOR SPORT ALKALINE WATER BOTTLE| PACKAGE WITH 3 PIECES| CREATE YOUR OWN ALKALINE WATER (16 oz/500 mL): Transform your water into high pH Alkaline Water within minutes. The replaceable Filter cartridge, lasts up to 40 Galons/ 8 weeks. Increases the pH up to 9.5 and reduces the ORP down to -150 to make your water alkaline and antioxidant.

  Highest Filteration Standards - The filtered water bottle is totally leakproof and removes contamination from water, filters chemicals (e.g chlorine, benzene), eliminates bad odor, and improves water taste.

Fast and Easy to use - Just pour the water from any source (tap water) and within minutes you will get high pH and purified water that will keep you hydrated whether you are hiking, camping, working out, or traveling.

 Make your own Alkaline Antioxidant Water and Save Money  

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